Benefits of Working from Anywhere as an Online Natural Health Practitioner


By Tammy Guest

Having run parts of my natural health practice online since 2014, you could say that I’ve got a fair bit of experience in understanding the benefits of working from anywhere.

When I started my first practice, I wasn’t terribly sure about how to get my name and business out to people or to get people to come and see me in practice.

I quickly realised that I needed to change my mindset, in doing so, I noticed that there was quite a big chunk of information missing from what I had been taught in the earlier days.

Specifically around:

  • Moving things online.
  • How to market to get your name out there.
  • How to use technology to amplify your message.
  • How to share the message of the benefits of health and wellbeing with people.

I also realised that if I learned the above skills I could balloon my practice to multiple other practitioners.

It was all about expanding my practice from one-on-ones into one-to-many and sharing the message of health and wellbeing with others.

But before I could truly understand the benefits of working from anywhere as an online practitioner, I had stopped believing the ‘brules’, which are explained below and that you may or may not have come across in your practice.

The ‘Brules’ That Stop You from Experiencing the Benefits of Working from Anywhere

‘Brules’ are what I call baloney rules that many of us within the profession start to believe that are true, but really, they aren’t.

You can learn a lot of information about how to transition your health practice online but if you continue to buy into the baloney rules, then a shift in your mindset is going to take that much longer.

The ‘brules’ are:

  • You’ll never make any money from practice.
  • You have to be a 1:1 clinician.
  • You can’t stand out.
  • You have to appear thin and healthy to be a practitioner.
  • You have to have ‘cured’ yours or your family members’ diseases.

Sometimes these hidden attitudes are lingering beneath the surface and it’s only when we face them and overcome them that we change the way we show up.

In addition, if you make that transition to digitising your practice and working from wherever, the benefits are going to flow through and impact both yourself and your clients.

Here’s how:

Benefits of Working from Anywhere

There are four areas where you’re going to see massive benefits when you move your practice to online.


Your clients are going to be able to connect with you wherever you are!

It’s going to be safe for them to do so, and so much easier – more so than ever. With one click of a link they are going to have direct access to you.

This becomes a more efficient use of their time, and yours.


Marketing is so much easier, and cheaper these days, when it comes to being able to connect with your potential and current clients. The technology that is available is also more simple and streamlined than you might consider.


Digitising your business means that it’s going to be easier for clients to pay you online. There are multiple options for online payments, so you can choose one that suits your practice.

In some cases, you can even get payments immediately before you begin your appointments.


Education may have looked like a face-to-face event or a symposium, but we now are moving closer to exclusively webinars and e-courses to help build our PD.

There are also programs, packages and other ways to connect people and bring them together, and this is done through different groups and platforms.

Being in Your Clients’ Pocket

If you’ve ever heard a client say to you: “I’d really love to have you in my pocket,” then you will completely understand where I’m coming from. As the reality is that you CAN do this, here and now.

The amazing thing is that you can move your practice from in-person to online and still be there for your clients, probably more so than ever.

In fact, you can become their trusted advisor when you show up through:

  • Creating packages or programs.
  • Offering smaller acute consultations.
  • Providing consistent and persistent education through telehealth.
  • Speaking on podcasts or interviews.
  • Appearing on social media lives or webinars.

If There is Ever a Time to Start Working from Anywhere, it is Now

If you are still unsure about digitising your practice, consider what we know about what people are currently doing online.

For instance, in a 60 second timeframe:

  • 1 million people are logging onto Facebook
  • 8 million search queries are put through Google. And of those 3.8 million, 18% are about health
  • 5 million videos are viewed on YouTube

There are also many other spaces and places where people are appearing online.

Doesn’t it make sense that you could also be in those spaces and places providing information that they need and showing them how to book in with you?

Of course it does!

Take Action

I encourage you to take action and start to experience the benefits of working from anywhere as an online health practitioner.

Start by downloading my free How to Pivot Online Checklist here.