With Chitosan, Milk Thistle and Quercetin

231 g Powder ( SKU: AU9754 )

Feature Summary

DioxiClear is a nutritional formula with milk thistle, traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to help support healthy liver function, protect the liver and help enhance bile secretion and flow. Chitosan is also included to help support healthy cholesterol, already within the normal range. In addition, vitamin C, quercetin and vitamin E act as antioxidants and help reduce free radical damage to body cells.

  • Highly concentrated antioxidant powder with herbs and nutrients that help support detoxification.
  • Contains vitamins C and E and quercetin for antioxidant support.
  • Contains milk thistle extract traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to support detoxification and liver function.
  • Includes Lipisperse® Quercetin CWD 90 for enhanced absorption.
  • Contains Poliglusam chitosan for absorption of cholesterol and fats, including fat soluble toxins that may be stored in these fats.