Regulates a Healthy Menstrual Cycle

180g Powder ( SKU: AU9750 )

Feature Summary

MyO-Sense is formulated to support female reproductive health, maintain healthy reproductive hormones and a healthy menstrual cycle. MyO-Sense provides therapeutic doses of nutrients that may help support healthy preconception in females and maintain healthy blood glucose levels. It also provides antioxidant and anti-inflammatory support.

  • Specifically formulated to provide nutritional support for female reproductive health and a healthy menstrual cycle without herbal extracts.
  • Provides 4 g/day of myo-inositol to promote healthy oocyte maturation and pregnancy rates.
  • Delivers 200 micrograms of chromium per day to support healthy glucose metabolism.
  • Contains quercetin with LipiSperse® Technology for enhanced bioavailability.
  • Flavourless powder for convenient dosage and improved compliance