Opti Active D

Opti Active D

Calcifediol monohydrate10 mcg

60 Tablets ( SKU: AU9752 ), 120 Tablets ( SKU: AU9753 )


Opti Active D provides a form of vitamin D that has superior bioavailability to the colecalciferol form. As the form of vitamin D that circulates in the blood, a lower amount of calcifediol is required per tablet to support the same therapeutic effects and activity in the body as higher dosages of colecalciferol. As a targeted, single-ingredient formulation, Opti Active D has been formulated to be included in therapeutic treatment plans to promote optimal endogenous levels of vitamin D in the body while maximising patient compliance with 1 tablet per day dosage.

Feature Summary

Opti Active D contains ampli-D™, a highly bioavailable form of vitamin D which has been clinically demonstrated to increase and optimise endogenous vitamin D status more rapidly that the colecalciferol form. Vitamin D is essential for maintaining homeostasis in many physiological functions and processes in the body including immune activity, bone health and healthy pregnancy and foetal development.

Medicinal Ingredients

Each Tablet Contains:
Calcifediol monohydrate 10 micrograms


WARNINGS: Calcifediol may have similar effects to vitamin D. Consult your health care professional before taking in combination with other medicines. The medicine should not be taken in combination with supplements containing vitamin D without medical advice. Use in children under 9 years is not recommended.