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Evan Hayes – Managing Director Factors Group ANZ and Scobiotic™ Formulator

While many things have changed dramatically in the last two thousand years, there are some things that remain undeniably the same. For instance the Hippocrates idiom that “it is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has” has not only been shown to still be relevant, but has proven to be truer now than it ever was in the times of Ancient Greece. By the same token, we have continued to determine, through trial and clinical observation, that illness can be genetic, epigenetic, metabolic, physiological, infectious and/or caused by a deficiency. No matter what the cause, it is agreed that all can be very heavily influenced by the patient in question’s age, gender, lifestyle, and vitally, the microbiome.

We know the gastrointestinal tract is a complex system, responsible for digestion, immunity, absorption of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals, homeostatic control of energy balance and detoxification. It stands to reason that with such a myriad of key and complex functions you cannot achieve maximum health without optimising the gut functions and its environment.

The alimentary canal is home to what is now believed to be thousands of bacterial strains, which give us tens of trillions of bacteria, producing hundreds of thousands of metabolites, all with specific functions. These bacteria can be generally classified into parasitic, opportunistic parasites and beneficial probiotics. Gut microbiota and their hosts have a well-established and evolved symbiosis. It has long been understood that the bacteria benefit the host’s metabolism by production of metabolites and chemical messengers and their combination is commonly referred to as a ‘super organism’. But what has been less researched and understood, is the relationship that these bacterial communities have on each other and other microbiota such as yeasts and fungi and how these syntrophic interactions are thought to be essential in achieving optimal health.

Scobiotics™ is a term trade marked by Bioclinic Naturals to mean a more complex probiotic. They are syntrophic blends of bacteria, fungi, blue-green algae and nutrients that promote beneficial bacteria in both the small and large intestines and support mucosal membrane health and integrity. The fact that they include beneficial bacteria as well as other beneficial organisms such as yeasts, means that they take into account the complexity of the microbiome or rather, multbiome. In fact, Scobiotics™, may be the key to understanding more about the GI tract and how to achieve homeostasis.

Scobiotics™ have many varied uses, as ultimately the combination of organisms play a role in nearly every bodily function. Dysbiosis can manifest in multiple symptoms of leaky gut, intestinal permeability, hayfever, eczema and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO).

Scobiotics™ microbiota (probiotics and yeasts) need to be as diverse and as broad-ranging as possible, containing large intestinal and small intestinal bacteria to aid and influence many processes in the colon. These processes include sustaining gastrointestinal barrier integrity and functionality, metabolism and fermentation of carbohydrate components (producing energy and short-chain fatty acids) and promoting immune homeostasis. The prebiotics in the formulas are targeted towards specific large intestine bacteria to support their exponential growth. They are non-digestible dietary compounds that modulate gastrointestinal microbiome composition and activity by significantly stimulating the growth and activity of beneficial bacteria. They therefore protect, maintain and improve gastrointestinal health. The herbs and other nutrients in the formulas promote endogenous chemicals or metabolites that act as sources of energy for the microbiota, support the microbiome to reduce the level of pathogens and are sources of vitamins for the host and the microbiome. They also aid in colonisation, adherence and reducing cell doubling time.

The ingredients in the specialised Scobiotics™ in the range support the relief of symptoms and responses of a dysfunctional gut by working synergistically, providing potent combinations in effective formulas. On the other hand, the purpose of the general Scobiotic™ is to aid in the maintenance of an optimal gut and its environment thus priming it to support the prevention of future insults.

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